Eliminating Traffic jams in India!

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Nikhil Surya Mukhi

Nov 2, 2020

Eliminating Traffic jams in India!

In the recent years all over the globe production and demand for motor vehicles has increased dramatically. Earlier motor vehicles were a luxury only few can afford but now their prices have plummeted and its more easily available to the population. India for an example took about 60 years to acquire 100 million vehicles and the next 100 million vehicles were bought in the last 10 years !

This sheer increase in vehicles has caused a strain on the roadways and parking infrastructure. Having such a high population and vehicle density in India only makes things worse. These problems elevate the risk of traffic jams in urban cities. With Bengaluru facing the worst traffic congestion in the world, Delhi, Mumbai and Pune remain in the top 10 source traffic congestion index.

“ParkSpot gives users a seamless and contact-less experience which users are searching for after the corona outbreak.”

What causes a traffic jam ?

There a numerous reasons for traffic jams like lack of proper infrastructure, office rush hours, illegal parkings and many more. Improper parkings beside roads/no parking zones are he main cause for traffic jams. Even the widest of roads have traffic jams because of illegal parkings. Widening the ones which face traffic jams are not so rewarding because empty roads means more room for people to park vehicles. Inadequate parking infrastructure is the reason to blame when people park their vehicles in no parking zones. Absence of a proper inventory for parking sites and the lack of awareness is the root of the cause.

How can a smart parking platform help ?

A smart parking system allows people to search and book a secure parking spot. This two features to search and book will allow people to plan where they park their vehicle in a secure parking zone. These two features can curb the problem of traffic jams. Car parking systems are equipped with smart sensors and devices which make the parking experience seamless which users will flock to experience.

The new normal and how ParkSpot helps the cause.

The COVID-19 pandemic shed light upon the problems in our day to day habits which aids in transmission of diseases. Social distancing, wearing of masks and hand sanitation have become a new normal withing our society. People are distancing themselves from other people. ParkSpot is a smart parking platform which allows users to search and book secure parking spots for long and short term. ParkSpot gives users a seamless and contact-less experience which users are searching for after the corona outbreak. ParkSpot also allow users to list out their free parking space into our platform which other users finding for a parking space can use. This will help our weak parking infrastructure in the battle to curb traffic congestion.

Join hands with ParkSpot and help us win this fight against traffic jams.

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